Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Unusual Investments that Will Ensure a Comfortable Post Retirement Life!

After working hard for years, everyone deserves a peaceful comfortable life. But a post retirement life with no or limited income can be hard. The best way to ensure a good post retirement life is to invest in the right policies. Surprisingly, investments like Fixed Deposits, Gold and other investments can ensure a good life post retirement. Listed below are some unusual investments that might help you sail a lot smoother during your post retirement days.

Fixed Deposits:
Fixed deposits are term deposits wherein money is deposited as a single payment for a certain period of time and interest is earned on the same. The FD Interest Rates depends on the amount deposited and the deposit term. Fixed deposits can actually act as a retirement investment tool. FD can act as a retirement tool if you plan it the right way. Investing idle savings in an FD when you are earning a regular income can benefit you later in life. It can be planned in such a manner that the Fixed deposit matures during the time of your retirement thus granting you a lump sum amount for your post retirement days.

Precious metals:
Investing in precious metals is a wise decision and can also serve as a source of finance post retirement. The price of precious metals is always inflating thus making your investment a valuable one. Precious metals like gold, diamonds can be purchased in the pre retirement days and this will act as a valuable asset of a much higher price post retirement.

Real estate:
The value of real estate never goes south. Investing in real estate in your younger days is probably the most unusual but wisest retirement plan ever. This piece of real estate can later be sold off post retirement or it can act as your shelter.  Since the price of real estate is always inflating, this investment plan will never fail you.

Emergency fund:
It is important to have an emergency fund irrespective of your 
age. Small savings over a longer time in an emergency fund can prove to be very valuable during tough times like a medical emergency, house repair, etc post retirement.

Specific health insurance plan:

With old age comes old-age ailments. Having a health insurance plan that covers a particular ailment can be very beneficial. For example, if you are suffering from cardiac-related ailments, it is best to choose a Cardiac health insurance plan that covers for risks against cardiac related ailments. This can save you from huge medical expenses.

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