Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ICICI Bank Pay-Transact Using Twitter Account

ICICI Tweet Money
ICICI Bank, India’s largest private sector bank has been leveraging social media platforms to offer path breaking banking solutions to its mammoth customer base. In line with this mission is ICICI BankPay, a payments system which allows its banking customers in transferring monies to any part of the country using the micro blogging site. In addition, ICICI bank account holders with an active twitter account can also check account balance, view last three transactions, recharge prepaid mobile and DTH.

By simply following the official ICICI bank Twitter handle (@icicibank), tech savvy customers can transact on Twitter securely, without any hassles. To start using this service, the customer needs to use his mobile number (registered with the bank) along with a Twitter account.

Steps to Register for ICICI BankPay on Twitter

1.    Follow @icicibank from the Twitter account(Also access page
2.    Now send a direct message(DM) @icicibank #reg <space> <registered mobile number> Eg:#reg 9880312345
3.    You receive a one-time password(OTP)
4.    Now, send a DM with OTP as reference #regotp 123456 to the same handle

This completes the registration procedure for gaining access to ICICI BankPay on Twitter. Now, you can use all the available banking services with your Twitter account.

Transacting on Twitter with ICICI BankPay

1) Transferring money: You can transfer monies online to anyone who has a savings, Twitter account and mobile phone anywhere in India. Use #pay <space> followed by twitter handle of the recipient followed by the amount you wish to transfer and send this information as a direct message to @icicibank. Eg: #pay @xxxx123 1200

The beneficiary receives a tweet immediately notifying him/her of the incoming monies with a unique link. The recipient has to simply click on the link which lands them on a secure page. Here, the beneficiary is required to verify Twitter account details and also provide bank account, IFSC code and redemption code(received via SMS) to complete the transaction. The money is transferred instantaneously.

2) Recharge prepaid mobile: Refill your mobile currency by sending a direct message #GenOTP to the official twitter handle. After you receive the One Time Password, send a direct message again to @icicibank by composing as below.
#TopUp<space>Mobile number<space> Operator Code<space>Amount<space>OTP
Eg: #TopUp 1234566345 Vodafone 125 123456

To ensure correctness of operator code used, send a direct message #operatorcode to the Twitter handle before beginning the recharge process.

3) Recharge DTH account: Akin to recharging prepaid mobile, an ICICI bank customer can also renew DTH by following simple instructions. To begin with, generate an OTP by sending a direct message #GenOTP to @icicibank. An OTP is instantly sent to the registered mobile number by SMS.  Now compose a direct message as below.
#DTH<space>DTH Account Number<space> Operator Code<space>Amount<space>OTP
Eg: #DTH 1234566345 Tatasky 500 123456

To ensure correctness of operator code used, send a direct message #operatorcode to the Twitter handle before beginning the recharge process.

4) Check account balance & View last three transactions: As easy as it can get. Send a direct message #ibal & #itran to check balance and view last three transactions respectively. The bank tweets you back with the required information.

 With such conducive banking options from ICICI Bank, your transaction is just a Tweet away!

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